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How to Optimize a Website for Conversion

By Emad

Changing your website’s layout may turn out to be a risky move. For instance, you have to pay a hefty amount to the designer for making such changes. This may also affect your business in terms of decreasing the conversion rates. Since these factors are duly valid, you must act prudently while making such a decision.

Involvement of risk in every business is a fact which cannot be overlooked. Therefore, if you are planning to enhance your website‘s conversion rate, it would be a wise option to look for new trends and minimize the risk factor.

In case you have no idea how to optimize your site for an improved conversion rate, we advise that you follow the result-oriented practices of the industry for conversion rate optimization.

These practices are the best you can get and there is a reason for this. One of the major advantages of implementing these practices is that they ensure required results in most cases.

However, with reference to the diversity of the visitors associated with each website, the results may turn out to be unpredictable. Hence, it is imperative to analyze the effect of all the changes you have implemented to your website by tracking the same through A/B testing software.

Discussed below are the vital steps, which should be followed while optimizing your website for conversions.

Never Go for Stock Photos

The cheesy stock photos are not recommended for this purpose, as they lack quality and compromise over the credibility of your website. They have a cheap appearance and minimize the overall look of the site. So keep this in mind while optimizing your website for better conversions.

There are numerous case studies carried out through market experiments which exhibited enhanced conversions for a particular website. The most noticeable among these were the cases where the stock photo was replaced by a picture of the website’s founder. By doing so, an increase of 35% in signups occurred.

avoid stock photos to optimize conversion

It is well-known that visitors prefer dealing with humans rather than websites. Therefore, make sure to use images of the people associated with the business  rather than the stock photos. This will surely increase the interaction with your client and ultimately maximize the conversion rates.

Reduce Unnecessary Form Fields

By eliminating unwanted form fields, you can help visitors to understand your business in a better way. This will cut down on the effort visitors have to exert to use your website. So, reducing extra fields let your visitors interact with your site in a hassle free manner.

Choose Vibrant Color for Call-to-Action (CTA) Button

There are certain case studies which suggest that a red call-to-action button offered better conversion rates than a green button.

vibrant call to action

However, you must choose a color which goes with the theme of your website. The best tip in this context is that you may select a color for a CTA button which is not used on any part of your website. The reason for doing so is to get a perfect contrast of colors that help to attract the immediate attention of visitors.

Clear and Noticeable Headline

The headline is considered as the most prominent section of a web page and making it attractive may increase conversion rates. For example, Movexa opted for a clear and attractive headline, which resulted in increasing their conversion rate up to 89.97%.

clear the headline to optimize website conversion

Create a Sense of Urgency

For creating a feel for urgency, using a limited-time incentive would be a positive move. Persuade your visitors to act promptly and give them a solid reason for doing so. You can offer them an incentive in the shape of delivering the order within 24 hours.

You should remove the “Automatic Image Sliders” as most of the conversion experts recommend this action. These sliders tend to reduce conversions, so get rid of them as soon as possible.

You may wonder why these image carousels are considered as detrimental for conversation rates. They preclude visitors from freely exploring the website and cause banner blindness.

Peep Laja, the famous conversion expert, suggests removing these slides and replace the same with a static and prospective offer.

Try Putting the CTA Button above the Fold

The landing page tests conducted by Unbounce A/B revealed that moving the CTA button above the fold might result in increasing the conversions. This hypothesis turns out to be true in almost all circumstances. By placing the call-to-actions button in a more visible position, you enhance the chances of increasing conversions up to 41%.

Introduce a Video

You can also create an instructional video and display the features of your product in an attractive manner. The role played by such videos in improving the conversion rates is of pivotal nature.

For instance, Vidyard used a video and got a conversion lift up to 100%. However, make sure to keep the video under 2-3 minutes, as lengthy videos may bore the visitor. In fact, no one likes to hang out with long videos, so keep them short and interactive.

Analyze the CTA Button Text

The words like sign-up or submit are widely used, hence they have lost their effectiveness. You may use any text which suggests to the visitors how beneficial it is for them to click the button.

Phone Number Should be Displayed in a Huge Font

Place your phone number within the header of the site’s homepage. By doing so, it will be noticed by the visitors just after they land on the page. This small change can enhance the credibility of your site. Visitors would consider it easy to approach the management in case they come across an issue while purchasing your product.

Offer a Guaranteed Price

Normally people are somewhat reluctant to buy online. They don’t want to be robbed by too-good-to-be-true offers, which end up costing them more. So it is your job to make them believe that you are offering a competitive price. You can achieve this goal by comparing your price with that of your competitors.

“FREE”, the Magical Word

offer it free to optimize website conversion


Using the word “free” can increase your conversion rates up to 28%. This magical word has done miracles for a wide range of websites. So if you haven’t tried this, just go for it and see the difference.

Put a Valuable Offer

The offer should surpass the value of an action you are expecting from your customers. If this doesn’t happen, converting them would be more difficult for you.

The most influential way to enhance your offer’s value is to show the actual benefits of accepting it. By answering the simple question, “What I can get through this offer?” you may convert your leads into sales more easily.

Use Original Testimonials

use original testimonials to increase website conversion

Using a fake testimonial is a widely followed trend and it results in losing the trust of a visitor or prospective buyer. So it is not recommended that you use these testimonials, as they can hurt the credibility of your site. Instead of using fake testimonials,  you should use the name and photo of the person leaving the review.

Analyze your Value Proposition

Draw a true comparison between your product and that of your competitors. Try to figure out what makes the difference and lets you stand out among the rest. Use this data for drawing maximum benefits out of your conversion-related efforts.

Add Required Images

The images do have a purpose, as they are considered an integral part of your website. Attractive and relevant images have the ability to convert maximum leads into sales. As stated earlier, images have a specific purpose and you should use a relevant image to attain the same.

On the contrary, if you are only using them to enhance the looks of your landing page, it is not possible to get the desired results. Images help to believe and understand your offer in an understandable manner.

Bottom Line

To conclude the above discussion, we can come to the conclusion that using the right options at the right place can ensure a better conversion rate. You need not to act in haste, just do your homework and analyze the actual requirements of your website, since making abrupt changes to your landing page may shed a negative impact on your existing conversion rates.

Keep your landing page simple, clear and interactive. Try to use minimum call-to-action buttons on your landing page. It is advised to go for just one CTA per page. According to various tests conducted by conversion experts, offering more than one choice simultaneously may confuse visitors. This would eventually minimize the conversion rates to a drastically low level.

how to optimize website conversion

Last but not least, all the above-mentioned methods are used to increase conversions and sales. However, their efficiency and proposed output is dependent over the clarity, reduced anxiety, relevance, increased urgency and minimum distractions associated with the landing page on your site. By keeping in mind all these factors, you can certainly achieve the highest conversion rates for your website.