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Keep an Eye on These Web Design Trends in 2017

By Emad

While talking about Web Design Trends for 2017, numerous other reasons force a designer to follow new trends. You can fine-tune your creation by just looking at the work done by other web designers.

Most of the designers do believe that following the latest trends is a part of their creative job. Moreover, keeping updated with latest trends seems to be mandatory for them. Designers analyze and evaluate the trends they usually see in other’s work.

During the past few years, it has been observed that most designers are taking bold steps to move from closed and simple designs. Most of the latest web design trends for 2017 are broken, seemingly chaotic, open-styled and cut compositions.

To know what we are expecting regarding web designs 2017, you need to stick till the last phrase of this article.


The rule of symmetry was broken in 2016, and this web design trend is going to continue in 2017 as well. This particular trend ruled the industry for many years. Most of the designers are now creating asymmetric designs.

Such a layout is not balanced on both the right and left sides. To see what I mean, you can check this out at numerous websites including,, and Chaotic The designers have started creating more dynamic and vibrant compositions.

The Apparent Chaos

The minimalistic composing style is left behind, and it seems that developers have taken this step consciously. It is the time to express a free and flexible approach to web designs 2017. This is what we see in Web Design Trends for 2017. The internet industry badly needed a change, throwing out the essence of boredom and adding some chaotic tone to it.

Richer Patterns and Background

rich background

The unfettered use of patterns and backgrounds is predicted in web design trends for 2017. The patterns, for instance, may include stripes, small dots or dashes. The most common pattern out of these is a grid. It serves as a frame for the overall layout of the design.

Decorative Details

Another noticeable change regarding web design 2017 is the strict approach to the details of a layout. The minimalist approach has been gradually wiped out, and various other decorative functions are now in vogue. Various fragments and flying figures are commonly seen in these patterns. In addition, separators and underscores are exchanged with other decorative designs.

As far as buttons are concerned, they are designed as smooth looking and soft dashes. Another button style is created like a hover in the canvas.

Smooth Animations

The relationship between animations and websites is not new. Fresh ideas give you new opportunities, which are tempting as well and allow experiencing something original, different, and fresh.

The animations with richer and more vibrant figures may help to eliminate the rigid dissection of sections and the page. The website gives a smooth feeling while scrolling down the page. The lively content appears and disappears in a soft style.

Animations are created as the first structural part of a website from the start of its formation. The element of interest is capable of enriching standard looking layouts. They introduce a new look and maintain the uniqueness of the page.

These animated figures and character are the primary element of the project and often give a beautiful, vibrant and likely structure on the page of a website.

Rich typography


The trends regarding typefaces have also seen some changes in web design trends for 2017. The neo-grotesque styles have dominated the entire internet for a long time, which includes Roboto, Helvetica, Open Sans, or Lato. A Neo-grotesque within a more beautiful form was frequently used in headlines. On the other hand, in the simple form, it was normally used for paragraphs.

Things have changed within the past few years. Now designers try to use different types of bold typefaces. They are willing to experience the contrasts of serif typefaces along with the non-serif styles.

The typography being used in the websites has changed a lot. Texts are broken down and animations merged with letters while showing amazing images, effects, and videos.

Bespoke Illustrations

Illustrations tend to be versatile and fantastic mediums for developing visuals that have a beautiful and friendly look. They add various elements of fun as well as help to develop the interest of a visitor, who is just landing on the site.

Well-trained illustrators hold the ability to create illustrations, which are customized to match the brand and tone. It is what brands love to see on their websites. They are determined to show their presence in the ever-increasing marketplace.

The perfect and unique style of illustration can allow brands to maintain a similar look throughout their whole identity. These illustrations are used as images in the beautifully animated visuals, custom iconography, and large headers.

Mono-spaced Typefaces

Proportional typefaces, which are commonly associated with typewriters, are usually seen in the web design trends for 2017. It is common to see that designers are shifting from similar pairs of typefaces to a strong contrast.

The combinations are expressive and reinforced by a contrast among the text sizes. Decorative and large serif typefaces are now used in a combination with simple geometric figures.

Authentic photography

photos in web designs

Authentic photography is also part of transitions associated with web design trends 2017. Photography is going to remain in the mainstream within web design and general designs. However, people look for the authenticity from the particular brands they normally use and they quickly see through stock or canned photos.

Designers and brands are now more concerned about the images the use on their website. Hence, they prefer to hire professional photographers to capture original shots, which give a unique and tailored look to their site.

‘Videos’ Instead of ‘Images’

videos in web designss

It is said that “a picture paints a thousand words.” But, when it comes to a video, it gives ten times greater exposure. It is similar to what we experience regarding a moving image or animations when discussing web design trends for 2017.

When seen on a page, a video immediately captures the attention of a user. It gives you a chance to display and convey your message in a more profound way. As far as brands are concerned, their message and narrative can be easily passed on to their valued customers.

The video is taking over content over all the internet. This is the reason why web designs in 2017 will display more influential videos than ever.


The web design trends for 2017 will display exciting new patterns and styles. Nevertheless, we can anticipate some drawbacks of these proposed changes.

On a personal note, web designers may turn out to be over-confident while dealing with the canvas. When various new trends are added to a website, you will see more websites, which are more flashy and exhibit an incomprehensible view for the larger audience.

The other concern is the fact that the tendencies of deconstruction may fail to appeal to commercial customers. In other words, it won’t match with their communication pattern.

With all that discussed, in my opinion, web design trends for 2017 are going to be promising concerning the latest web designs. On the contrary, we can’t say that minimalism is seeing its demise and won’t stand on the top in the future. Most probably, it will continue to serve with slightest changes in the coming years.

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