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Top 5 Must-Have Features for Your Website

By Emad

It is indeed an admitted fact that quality web design is the most influential aspect when we talk about Internet marketing. Everyone is aware of this, yet most businesses fail to give it attention or the importance it deserves.

Before we go deeper into the 5 must-have features for your website, let’s discuss how a good website is different from a great website.

Good vs. Great Websites

good vs bad

It is quite easy to develop and design a good website today. With the availability of numerous tools, website builders, templates, layouts, and themes, it’s a piece of cake to develop a website. In fact, you can upgrade your simple website to a professional one and enhance your business opportunities fairly easily. It takes no more than one or two days to design, develop, and launch a perfect looking website.

Why it is so necessary to have a superior quality website? The answer lies in the fact that internet users are accustomed to seeing websites of all kinds all day everyday. Users immediately draw a distinction between cheap and highly customized sites. Visitors’ aesthetic has improved over the last few years, and they want impressive features with the latest and on-trend designs.

Since you want to be able to maintain a strong presence among all of the websites on the internet, you can’t make do with a ‘just fine’ website. It is necessary to engage prospective customers and convert them into leads. So in all circumstances, you need a “great” website.

What is the difference between a good and great website? The great website is not only impressive to look at, but also provides smooth handling. On the contrary, a good website looks pleasant aesthetically but fails to perform. Therefore, the basic distinction factor is that a great website is both aesthetically pleasing and useful.

By simply putting more energy into developing a great website, you can maximize your brand and convert visitors into leads. This will increase average sales, enhance conversion rates, and maintain brand equity.

Developing a great website requires effort and money, however, it will return in the end with a considerable expansion of your business.

There are basically five features which will give an attractive look to your website and make it more manageable and productive. Therefore, your website will manage to stand out among others and maintain its unique identity. There are a few tips to make your website an ideal and attractive top-notch site.

Cost Calculators

If you want to offer a website that offers tangible value to your visitors, don’t hesitate to invest in certain features for your website.  These interactive features allow visitors to utilize the services available on the site. The prospective customers are converted into successful leads by creating a sense of interaction between the site and the visitor. This rules out the need for unwanted emails or phone calls and enhances the chances of a potential customer to become a buyer.

Unique Contact Forms

Almost every single person who uses the internet is aware of the contact form. However, this page must be treated as more than just a contact form. If you want visitors to visit your website again, you must provide them with a reason to do so. This page should not just give the contact details, rather you must try to introduce some on-trend new features to it. These features may include information about frequently asked questions, a possibility to contact directly from the page and unique designs.

The contact page should also provide the map or aerial view of the company, showing the physical location. This will help you in several ways. By showing the location of the company, you are building a good reputation and you are also assisting the user in locating the company’s address without any hassle.

Interactive Polls


It is not unusual for people on the internet to participate in online discussions.  People also like to share their opinions. Therefore, social media websites can be utilized as perfect networking platforms. When designing a website, make sure to include polls or another interactive feature.

The best part about polls is their continuity and they can be refreshed at regular intervals. There are numerous polling tools which are simple to use, including Wedgies and Polldaddy. These tools allow you to design polls quickly. By opening a discussion on your home page, you can attract a large number of users and prospective customers in the end.

Behind the Scenes Videos

With each passing day, videos are gaining more influence and this medium can be easily used for the purpose of online marketing or adding to a superb web design. The internet is filled with more video content than any other form. Therefore, it is imperative for your business to find different means to incorporate this ideal medium to boost your marketing strategy.

The most viable way to achieve this is by publishing ‘behind the scenes’ videos. These can help customers to know more about your company. Behind the scenes videos may relate to anything about your company or products. Videos tend to develop interest necessary to engage visitors. So think about it and try to devise a plan as for how to utilize this highly efficient tool.

Reveal-Based Features

Sometimes we are attracted to things we can’t have. They appear mysterious and intriguing. These characteristics are of great value when we talk about customer engagement and online marketing. One way to use this for your business is to introduce a sense of excitement among the visitors. For this purpose, you could try introducing reveal-based features into the landing pages of your website.

For instance, you can add games which requires all the users to do a certain action prior to accessing the promotion, deal or game. This may include a promotional video or a problem to be solved and the user has to perform a certain task to see the video or get the answer to that particular question.



Now you know how important it is to have a great website. It’s time to revamp your simple website into a great and highly effective website. No doubt, it requires a considerable investment in terms of time, patience and money, but the rewards can be worth it.

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